eHR is a company established, managed and operated 100% by Saudi members, eHR has accumulated experience regionally and globally in the fields of HR and IT, with a broad understanding and compatibility with the latest government regulations and developments in its field, making it easier to apply best practices in various fields effectively to cover: manufacturing, retail, hospitality, contracting, health, education, government services, real estate, financial and real estate investment, recruitment and recruitment, outsourcing, transportation, etc.

Performance Management

Performance management allows the user to determine the completion of the rating and evaluation processes, make an evaluation, and make various decisions, such as the guided order, as shown in the figure.

Daily Tasks Management

Managing day-to-day tasks allows employees to organize their work easily, allows management to follow performance, and enables measurement of the workload of all employees, as shown in the figure.

Recruitment Management

Managing Recruitment Procedures focuses on identifying and recruiting the appropriate candidate in the company, and following up on his onboarding, so it is important to have a policy that clarifies the recruitment system, recruitment procedures, and methodology related to these procedures, eHR team will categorize the current procedures of the organization to manage recruitment, and identify the development points, before adopting them in the program as per the figure.

Executive Dashboard

This Dashboard enables senior management to constantly see the high-level indicators personalized as per his choice, making it easier for him to study the situation and make a data-driven decision at hand, as shown in the figure.

Expected Results

We expect that our provided solutions to meet the client’s requirements will deliver the following results: Employee Dashboard The employee’s dashboard enables the user to read the easy and direct key data and updated daily and monthly information such as the last salary, attendance days, references with validity in approvals, etc., as in the figure.

Project Roadmap

The way we start HR projects follows the change management model in 8 steps, ensuring a highly effective change with a practical project plan.


Our HR operation methodology not only focuses on solving problems and fighting fires, but it also considers specific Goals to assure organization development from an operational point of view and a strategic point of view to insure its progression to advanced levels.