eHR proposes a cloud computing system (CSHRMS that helps organizations personalize solutions that fit customer reality and budget. This system automation, able to personalize and relate to the organization, reduces operational costs and increases employee satisfaction by providing a high-quality service to customers,  assessing employee performance, and ensuring that the organization will not hire, promote, or develop other than candidates with the minimum requirements for the position as per customer decisions. Also provides full control over the types of reports that are requested by customers.


For successful change, there will be roles for members of the customer and for members of eHR in order to have successful change journey.

Team Profile

B. Organization Chart: Operation Phase
We will be taken care of by professional experts fron eHR, below Org Chart shows hierarchy for the project team

A. Team Profile

A. Org Chart: Implementation Phase (First 18 W. Days)
We will be taken care of by professional experts from eHR; the below organizational Chart shows the hierarchy for the project team

Implementation Time

The main dates for the project are indicated below. These dates are the maximum within the best estimation.